Whiskey, Hair, and Metal

A meticulous compilation of whiskey, hair, and metal, GLAMel Töe never disappoints. Through several lineup changes the new collection promises a true to form ejaculation of 80's metal attitude and fortitude.

Never missing an opportunity to coat everybody in the crowd with the sticky magnificence of completely original music ;), they have shown themselves to be true rockers in a world of half assed wanna-be's.

The stunning beats of Zach Daniels, handcrafted sultry tones of The Reverend Cock Johnson, face melting riffs of the Infamous Sleazzz, all along with the impressive pipes of CJ Hazard are second to none.

Men want to be them, their girlfriends want to sleep with them, and other bands want to open for them.

Do yourself a favor - grab a 24oz Pabst and go see these eyeliner clad edifices of Rock.

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GLAMel Töur 2013

Vocals: CJ Hazard
Drums: Zack Daniels
Guitar: SleazZz
Bass: Reverend Cock Johnson
Keys: J Balls

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